Nov 30, 2014


Teen Wolf is one of the rare series that I like to watch... I like this mix of Sci-Fi, fun and sexy.
Even if I miss the caracter of Colton Haynes, I still watch the new seasons.


It's not that often that french artists (singing in french) are popular outside of their country... But Yelle is an exception, with her crazy dance pop music she made it in the USA and she's touring all over the US cities now!

She recently did a great album that I like to listen to "Completement fou", signed by Kemosabe and Because Music.

Boy Oh Boy!

Boy George is still really active nowaday, he recently did a great album "This is what I do" and he's working with the band Culture Club on a new album! They will be touring in the US!

I'm not totally convinced with George's new style (the beard) here on the wallpapers it's only the typical Boy of the 80's.

Precious Quartz

Jakie Quartz is a french singer who had several hits in the 80's, she even had some international fame with hits like "Mise au point" or "A la vie à l'amour", remixed today by a german DJ > youtube.

Jakie is working on a new album for 2015.