May 31, 2011

Hollywood' classics

As you can see there's a lot of  Hollywood legends on my blog!
First at all I like the classical movies of the golden age of the 40's > 50's > 60's it was great movies with superstars at the top, but also I like the perfection of the glamour of this time as you can see on my other blog absolutglam .
So I will start with the legendarian and exotic beauty Zsa Zsa Gabor (that somehow reminds me of  La Toya Jackson) she is the typical american diva!

And then the feminine and mysterious Lucille Ball, who was one of the only actress with red hair at the time! I try to use the pastel colors of the 50's here.


I decided to finish the new start of this blog: after the new design, now it's in english! I realised I have an international audience for my wallpapers, so please leave a message below if you like it.

Here we go on with the Jackson family (look at the other wallpapers available) and the glamourous La Toya Jackson, sexy icon with the Playboy photoshoot, and diva of the red carpet.
La Toya is starting over with a new book and a new cd in June > look at this Toy'blog.