Dec 25, 2011


Let's go on with only the real stars for this Christmas period, and here one of the most iconic star: Marilyn Monroe!
The actress is Hollywood: all the glitters, all the drama... Here I choose a rare picture where she's all in diamonds, 'cause it's a girl best friend!

Hollywood vintage

Yesterday I was looking at a classic movie "Grand Hotel" with Joan Crawford, what a great actress!
I wanna go on with my new kind of wallpapers (more chic, bigger size) that especially celebrates the "Vintage Hollywood": so many great entertainers, so many beautiful pictures from that period of the 20's > 50's!
Enjoy those pics of young Joan.

the legacy of Queen

Here is a wallpaper (with my collection) that celebrates the 40years since the beginning of Queen: the legendary rock group!
Freddie Mercury left us 20 years ago but his music is still alive, there's nothing more energic and creative than the rock of Queen, Freddie did also great things on his own like the album "Mr Bad Guy".