May 21, 2012

Music dynasty

The legend never stop when it comes to the Jacksons!
The unforgatable Michael, who still have new albums in stores beyond life and death, the shy Janet with her new body image and the faboulous La Toya who starts over with an album and a best selling book.
The others brothers have a TV show and a very talented Austin Brown (son of Rebbie) is the next generation music talent!

May 18, 2012

Eternal Summer

As you all know, Donna Summer the queen of disco-pop music left us. She died at a young age, when she succeed in avery decades to have pop music hits.

My favorite period of Donna's music is the end of the 80's with "In another place and time", she was preparing a brand new album...

May 16, 2012


Being the richest girl in California is not always an easy job, but that was part of the destiny of Tori Spelling, she succed to stay in the spotlights, she has a very positive personnality and a great sense of humor!

Now she's a best selling author see here.
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Elegant Lady

Marlene Dietrich is a legend of Hollywood, she's very inspirational for wallpapers because she was so glamourous and was always wearing amazing clothes!

Here are two pictures scanned from a beautiful book about her!


Here is two wallpapers for a cult movie Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger an actor with a huge muscular body but also one of the most influent person in the world! I have to say I discover recently this movie and I really enjoyed it!


Not at all my first wallpaper of superdiva Cher, the last one was for her movie "Burlesque", now we're waiting for a new album (dance music maybe)! Here is a recent picture of Cher and one from the 70's...